Friday, December 19, 2014

Blog Post #5!

Hey guys! So today I wanted to do something a little different and instead of focused drawing I decided to freehand a drawing of a tree:

Since there's not really an original drawing or photo, it's kinda hard to judge how well I did, but to be honest, I really liked the idea. I think I could have improved on the branches and maybe extended them a little bit, but I really wasn't going for perfection, more for fun. Although my project isn't really life-changing, I did practice over break and I think that really helps in the long run. It's hard to update or to comment on a project that's really simple, but hard for me. I guess you kind of have to know be in that person's shoes to know how challenging it is. Well, see you guys next time!

"Sting like a bee. Do not float like a butterfly. That's ridiculous."
-Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

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