Friday, March 13, 2015

Blog Post #11

Hey guys! I've noticed I really like to draw animals, so today, I thought I would try my hand at drawing a snake! Here it is!

And here is my recreation:

I really like this! I sort of stopped drawing at the end because the picture was blurred out, and I wasn't really sure how to end the drawing. I really like the scale details. I could've totally gone a different way, but I really wanted to pay attention to detail and draw each scale. The eye was probably the most fun to draw, and I really like how it turned. I also really like the shading. I've started to figure out that in art, it's mostly how you make it. Even if you're trying to copy or recreate a picture, it's really up to you to find your own way to draw it, it looks weird if it's exact. That's super comforting to me, cause I feel like I'm not messing up.

See you guys next time!

"We will get along fine, but hopefully not too fine because I am not looking for any new friends. End speech."
-Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

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